In Depth

We don’t need fathers to keep quiet. We need them to speak up, and to be more themselves than ever. We need them to be caring, but less careful.
A group exploration of a topic core to every man's experience, whether or not they have children of their own.
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“The love that is trapped in men’s hearts is the most underutilized resource in the entire world.” — Lucas Krump
Deconstructing the habit of anxiety—and "failing" as a man to make space for something new.
How physical fitness at age 53 supports my creativity and my work as a writer—with pilates, body weight conditioning, calisthenics, trail running, and…
The reciprocal triangle of anger, addiction and depression—and anger as creative energy.
Redefining discipline—from someone else's bullshit story about something you can never have enough of, to something that comes from inside oneself, and…
The myth of the Holy Grail—and of purpose, Robert Johnson, John Paul Brammer, Toko-Pa Turner, John Daniel, Connor Beaton, and how we can move towards…
Sciatica, synthetic opioids, mind over matter, Maia Szalavitz, Holly Whitaker, Joan Didion, pain yoga, and Dakini Bliss.
I still love wine... I just don't drink it any longer.
Why there's a "6" on my palm, the meaning of "Decide Nothing," cave art, AI-assisted inner work, DALL-E, Jaron Lanier's "data dignity," Captain Rob, and…
I'm a supporter, and I've been there, but now I find the whole psychedelic thing to be...less interesti. There are many ways to sweet cosmicity⁠, and…