Guide Service

I offer an intuitive Guide Service grounded in the belief that the territory we inhabit is both that of the natural world and of our deep psyche, and that the two are so deeply interconnected as to be one and the same.

I used to be plagued by the feeling of not knowing what to do. For me, this was one of the shapes that depression took: a feeling of being not just lost, but absent—a hole in the self that left me pressed down, unable to see or feel much at all, and also therefore unable to connect with my own inner voice.

The voice of self, most often known as intuition, really is the only thing that can guide us in our wayfinding—and, even though it is our connection to the deepest, oldest and wisest part of ourselves, it remains a stranger to many of us.

On the other hand, when we are connected to intuition, we are bathed in a stream of flowing inspiration, and rather than being stuck trying to decide, the knowing of what to do arises in the moment, often without much deliberation at all.

We all have the capacity to develop the full awareness that is our birthright as conscious beings, the source of human creative genius—and also of the boundless pleasure in being fully alive.

There are many techniques that can be helpful in developing a better relationship with intuition—and, it can be helpful to have a guide.

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Intuitive Guide

My intuitive Guide Service is a direct outgrowth of the life experience that I’ve documented in my memoir, as well as decades of coaching, guiding, leading, consulting, and management in a wide variety of settings. While all of this comes to bear in practical terms, the most important aspect of what I offer is a focus on that thing that often refuses to be named, that is, intuition.

I also draw on experience with a number of philosophies and spiritual systems that have been helpful to me along the way: Jungian psychology, Stoicism, Daoism, Buddhism, modern philosophy such as Taleb’s Antifragile, talk therapy, and adventure sports, just to name a few—and, the thing is, they all lead to the same place. Nature, connection, awareness, non-attachment, pattern recognition—and freedom.

A guide can be helpful in many ways and in various situation. I’ve worked with writers on their creative process, entrepreneurs on business strategy, and all sorts of individuals looking for guidance in moments of indecision and development, for help interpreting the signs by which to steer, and in developing a stronger relationship with intuition.

Whether it’s a specific situation or in general, working with a guide to draw out the subtle and yet incredibly powerful voice of the unconscious can be hugely beneficial. Intuition is one of the most basic—and powerful—functions of the psyche. This system of embodied cognition is how we learn to know without knowing how, and it’s also what Socrates called his personal daimon, or guardian angel. Intuition is the voice of purpose, the wellspring of creativity, and the key to a whole and open mind.

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Changing Unhealthy Habits

Everything we do is a practice, and the nature of any practice is that in using a skill, we also hone the sharp edge of that expertise, so that in the doing we improve our ability to do in the future. The ever-sharpening practice of intuition extends a golden hand to the future self. We practice in the present to assist our future self in carrying us to our destiny.

That said, we get good at what we do, regardless of whether it’s good for us or not. I got real good at drinking, shopping, dragging myself around the world on airplanes, and all sort of other addictive behaviors, by practicing those for many many years, until I finally realized that by doing those things I was not only trying to escape depression, but also making it worse.

At that point, more than five years ago now, I changed my relationship with alcohol, and, along with many other changes, that freed me from the depressive cycle I’d been in since my late teens.

In working with clients on changing their own unhealthy and/or addictive patterns, I use a wholistic approach based in wellness on modern neuroscience, and grounded in the power of listening to—and freeing—the quiet inner voice. It’s almost always the case that addictive habits are masking the inner voice that is asking for change, and also that once change begins to happen, intuition and creativity begin to flourish.

Contact me by email to set up a free discovery session. If we decide to work together, we’ll agree on a plan for series of sessions to provide the support that will be most effective for you.

Readings and Interpretations

As I’ve developed a stronger relationship with intuition, what used to be opaque, and what were then hints now and then, has become what is now often the clear insight of knowingness, and even of foresight. The unknown became maybe, and then probably, and then—sometimes, at least, will.

Drawing strongly upon the Jungian concept of archetypes and a strong connection intuition and to the patterns of nature, I offer intuitive readings, interpretations, and forecasts of specific situations, relationships, dreams, and images. Just as with a dream, there is no single correct interpretation, but it can be very illuminating to examine the threads that emerge in the collaborative process of interpretation.

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As a lifelong traveler, adventurer, explorer, guide, and student of geography, folks often ask me, “Where should I go?”

I haven’t been everywhere, but I’ve been most places and I speak several languages. This deep familiarity both with place and with the practice of journeymaking, combined with an intuitive interpretation of what’s most interesting to you in the moment, often results in unique recommendations and plans tailored not just to your practical requirements but to the moment in which you find yourself in life.

Often it takes someone else to point you in the right direction to discover something particularly meaningful. Let’s work together to uncover what unknown invitations await you.

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Feedback from Clients

I’m very grateful to have worked with such diverse and soulful clients, and for their direct and honest reflection on our work together.

“Bowen helped me realize why I was drinking. It wasn’t a conversation I was going to have with myself but he set the perimeter for me to walk. I am grateful for his help as it changed the course of my life. I used to be of the mindset of what I would lose something when I stopped drinking, but after some honest conversation with Bowen, it became apparent what I would gain would be more than I ever imagined.” — Steve

“With the ongoing passage of time I discovered, not entirely surprisingly, that I had accumulated and nurtured a system of behaviors, habits, and beliefs that had both positive and negative influences on my more mature life. Some were very effective and efficient at guiding professional endeavor and associated success. And others were maladaptive, getting in the way of higher achievement, or actually limiting a realization of happiness.

Bowen has been very helpful in directing me in ways that allow me to recognize the maladaptive practices and develop a strategy for altering behavior to more comfortably align with the positive views and approaches to life that I find more healthy and beneficial. He does this without preaching or scolding. After some time I have now found that the guidance comes more from within. Old patterns get deeply ingrained, and it has been very helpful for me to have his direct personal coaching to help me realize a fuller version of myself.” — Spencer

“Bowen’s coaching was critical for me as I developed my identity as a writer. I always wanted to be a writer, but was terrified of putting pen to paper. He helped me step into not only becoming a writer but to put the process into bite-size pieces that I could easily digest. As a human, he is engaging, inspiring, resourceful and lends a powerful perspective. Six months after working with him, I was given an opportunity to co-author an anthology. I don’t think I would’ve been able to commit to turning my piece in had I not done the work with him. I have a lot of gratitude for Bowen both as a coach and a human being.” — Serin

“Bowen has been an important mentor for me over the years. Whether it’s discussing meditation, sobriety, nautical exploration, connecting with my intuition, or navigating challenging relationship dynamics, Bowen always shows up with presence and empathy. He is a genuinely, good hearted individual who leads by example and has a wealth of life experience to pull wisdom from. I’m grateful to have him in my life, and always look forward to our conversations!” — Ben

“Bowen has natural presence that makes you immediately feel safe and invites you to authentically share yourself. He will attentively listen to you, reflect back and guide you back to your body to help you tune in and listen to your own wisdom. Having a session with Bowen feels like magic—you feel comfortable to share, insights flow and more ease emerges as a result —an essential environment for a change to occur. Bowen is guiding you as well as providing you with tools that you can use on your own. You are getting two sessions in one: being guided by a deeply grounded, experienced coach and given tools for self-guidance in the future. I highly recommend Bowen to anyone seeking more clarity in life.” — Silvie

Ready for a breakthrough?

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