“The leader/follower setup sets me up to run the show—and also leaves me sort of alone, and often feeling that others aren’t doing as much as I’d like. It puts me in a position, from the start, of being in an inherently “vertical,” or unequal relationship—which is OK if I’m actually working as a guide, but isn’t what I’m looking for with friends.”

This resonated with me Bowen. I have often felt this way, and find myself pulling back from the role I’d naturally assume lately to avoid that feeling. When I do pull back...nothing happens and then I feel something different: frustration that I didn’t just take the reigns as I was expected to. 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

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I obviously have a great deal of bias here, but: I love the goat analogy.

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Read this a few weeks ago; can't say I don't think about it whenever I go on a run.

Near my parents house there is a long, straight running track. But, on the horizon, I can see Sierra de Guadalupe, at least an hour away from me.

I dream about hiking it soon, just need to find out if I won't get stabbed out there.

I need some hiking, for God's sake. To clear the head from thoughts.

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Let's collaborate? Please hit me up... about the "6 Fatherhood Writers"...?

Subscribe for details 😁

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