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An Ordinary Disaster is one man's proof that despite what may seem like our inability to hear it, and all of our attempts to avoid it, we can all learn to listen to ourselves, and to act upon the inner voice of our self, our sanity and our soul.

My Substack includes chapters from my memoir in progress, personal essays, guided meditations and other tools, the BROTHERS AND TEACHERS podcast, as well as other short pieces.

If you're new to my work, you might try navigating by some of the following topics: alcohol, addiction and depressionadventure, sports, and natureidentity, masculinity, fatherhood / being child-free, and genderintuition, archetypes, consciousness, symbols, and youthSan Francisco, California, writing tools, and travellove, relationships and sex.

How I Got Here

Although I complained for much of my life of not knowing what I was supposed to be, the fact is that I knew when I was fifteen that I wanted to be a writer—and then I forgot for thirty years or so. This forgetting was in large part due to a cloud of drinking and depression, and also because I just didn’t have the courage—or the heart—to dive in at that early age. Even then I had the sense that it would be something that came to me later in life. In the meantime, I had an early run in software before and in the earliest days of the Internet, and then a second career with my own conference business that I managed to sell in 2015. After that I became something of a later-in-life outdoor athlete, an adventure guide in Brazil, a coach, and then, finally, starting in 2019, began to dedicate myself to become a writer.

I write because I love language and ideas and feeling—and most of all—expression. I believe that stories are how we tell ourselves into being, both as individuals and as a culture, and I want to be part of that telling. It’s also about connection, something that I felt to suffer from a terrible lack of for many many years, and which I now value so very highly. Writing brings me into connection with myself, with others and with the world in a way that, for me, nothing else does. It’s helped me to be more me, and I think what we’re all here to do is to to be our unique selves as much as possible, and to bring ourselves into deeper connection with everyone and everything else as much as possible, because as much as we are our unique individual selves, we are also all connected.

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Why “Decide Nothing”?

I called this place DECIDE NOTHING because that phrase came to me as a guide-star several years ago, before I really had much of a relationship with my intuition. I didn’t know what to do next, but what I did know was that I didn’t want to decide. I didn’t want to feel stuck trying to decide, and also, at the time, I didn’t want to cut anything off, which is the etymological meaning of “decide”—to cut off. I wanted to explore, and most of all, I wanted to become someone else. Not that the journey is over, not by any means, but that chapter of exploration has resolved into a chapter of writing, and of cutting off many other things that might take me away from writing. So, as with so many other things, I aim to “decide nothing” to encourage my intuition, to follow my heart, just as I decide, or cut away, things that aren’t on that path.

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Thinking of AI as an intuition machine
That’s my left hand there. You may be wondering, and I’d like to explain why I wrote the number “6” on my palm one day in the summer of 2020, and why I’m using an illustration based on this image as the logo for my writing site, DECIDE NOTHING. And for that matter, what does that “6” have to do with “decide nothing,” what does…
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Community is Everything

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Memoir and personal essays on identity, intuition, addiction, and adventure


Bowen Dwelle

I was a teenage boozehound until the age of 48, and although part of me wishes I still was, I'm happier now as writer—and I have a very different relationship with alcohol, and with many other things.