Thanks for this, Bowen. You may have written the most accurate description of Sex at Dawn I've read! Really enjoyed meeting you and meeting Vanny DeVito.

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Thanks for reading, Chris, I'm glad you enjoyed the piece. I'm going to take that one in... I mean, I won both "most intellectual" and "most rowdy" in seventh grade, and now I have a "most accurate" to my name. Amazing! thank you brother.

btw I changed the van's name to "Dante’s Vanferno" ;)

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What a great read! I can only hope that I may some day come close to stringing together words so fluently and artistically. Seeing only two comments to this post by my two favorite Stackers, I feel some divine intervention tacking place compelling me beyond resistance to immerse. (I was going to add a stupid joke about spelling and grammar but that's too meta) I really don't understand the meaning of meta. I once submitted a piece to a radio contest, the host liked it and read it on air but his guest said it was too meta-Bitch! No mug and tote bag for you! I like your use of dashes or hyphens, looks clean and smart. I'll give it a try. I'm going to answer your questions in numerical order.

1. I am not a traveler. I have been to a few destinations, but I would call that vacationing. Burns my ass when people go on their annual all-inclusives and say they love to travel. Truth is I was afraid to fly. I was 29 when I took my first flight back in the day when they offered free booze, I downed a couple scotch before take off, It was a brilliant clear night sky, I thought I was going to the moon. I believe I invented staycation before it was a thing. I have explored my home Province extensively though and I'm a certified psychonaut.

2. When I was 17 I took my dad's car out for a cruise one hot august night. (I'll save the details for a piece I'll write called naughty bits) I ended up in a park surrounded by 5 girls caressing my naked body culminating in an orgasm of biblical proportions. Once at a local swimming hole I got naked and did a mud bath in some gooey clay, as I got up I felt a significant suction around my genitals, I repeated that motion several times until climax-so you could say I fucked the earth.

3. No Difference. Or maybe simply man as in biological and person any human?

4. Finding where you fit in the pecking order of socialization. Once at a social event for our sport group, I found myself standing off to the side with Bob and Jeff, two people I thought of as being in the peripherals of the "in" crowd, staring at the "in" crowd. Time stood still, I felt like I was in a vacuum chamber, I came to the realization I was a Bob or Jeff.

5. Monogamy is a myth. Non-monogamy requires a high level of emotional intelligence and success is very much determined by opportunity. I believe that so much of societies ill's are a result of striving to attain absolute monogamy. I believe non-monogamy becomes more realistic with age and exiting the child rearing stage and could mitigate loneliness for the elderly, especially when ones primary partner passes on.

6. My friend the "iron man" a smoldering cauldron of testosterone, a loyal friend and true gentleman who claims to have never farted Infront of his wife.

6. No, I would feel like one of those self righteous freaks that could spiral back down to the depths of despair at merely sniffing the vapors of a cocktail.

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