Thank you for sharing this. Looking forward to reading your book.

Many parts of your story resonate deeply within me and reflect almost comically parallel stories. Ordinary, indeed!

I like to interpret these increasingly common stories of men moving from disconnection, trauma, and strategy toward wholeness, centeredness, belonging and healing as the earth remediating its soil.

Glad to be on this journey with you, in our disparate ways.

Blessings on your path.

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Oct 11Liked by Bowen Dwelle

Engaging and meaningful prose. Thank you for going on your journey and sharing it with me and all of us. May we each find our unvarnished truth and get to the multitude and varied loves that are meant for us to live out. Keep Going. I am with you.

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9th paragraph after the photo. “Or like or jocks” one too many “ors”

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I am half way through this and loving it and immediately wanted to alert you to a typo so it doesn’t end up in print! I’ll count the paragraphs after I post this.

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