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Gnarly, only just getting to this on. I wonder if your subconscious poking its head out in such a Jungian fashion was aided by a flashback. I was looking out the window of the bathroom today as I was taking a leak - it's always the bathroom that is my tripometer - and I wasn't sure if I was catching the edge of trails in the sunlight or not and it's been over 30 years since I've had any acid.

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I absolutely relate to this. I’ve felt very similar feelings. Unsurprising since I’m convinced we’re related or soul brothers or something. Yeah, that whirring wild anarchic panic attack blast of fear/shame. Yes. The brutality of total loneliness. Yes. You nail down that lost, wandering in Purgatory feeling.

“Why would I want to identify myself semi-permanently with what should be a transitory psychological state?”

I just did a piece on identity: https://michaelmohr.substack.com/p/the-poison-of-identity

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